Friday, July 30, 2010


I saw a nice post today, can't resist myself from copying and publishing it for my readers

Are You a Project Manager Or a Project Mangler?

Which one are you? An effective IT project manager, able to deliver software on time, according to specs, and within budget, or someone referred to by your peers as a project mangler? Find out with these Top 10 Signs You're a Project Mangler.
10. Your .mpp attachments are considered to be more harmful than the Netsky virus.
9. You think your job description is limited to running around and asking people "Are you done yet?"
8. Your record for the "longest consecutive number of days without changing your project plan" is 3, which was achieved over a weekend.
7. You don't publish your project plan for fear developers might find out what the REAL dates are.
6. When the first 90% of your project is done, the second 90% begins.
5. You couldn't write a line of code to save your life, yet you tell developers how long it will take them to complete their feature.
4. You only work from 9 to 5 but expect developers to work evenings and weekends to meet your deadlines.
3. Your best motivational skill: telling people you're working from home tomorrow.
2. You DO think that 9 people can have a baby in 1 month.
And the number one sign you're a project mangler...
1. Your name is R. U. Dunyet.


Anonymous said...

Point No 1 and 5 are great

Anonymous said...


Nice piece of humor

Anonymous said...

Few more to this list.

* What is the ETA?
* Can you send me that email again, i can't find it in my blackberry.