Monday, March 19, 2007

A new angle into the mysterious death of coach Bob Woolmer has surfaced on Monday with a section of the Pakistani media saying the former England player could have committed suicide.

The 'Jang' newspaper added a twist to the causes of Woolmer's shocking death as their correspondents in Kingston reported that the rumour mill suggest that Woolmer might have committed suicide. But they had no proof to substantiate the claims.

However, a Pakistan team official said on condition of anonymity that it was premature to make such speculation since the Jamaican Constabulary Force and a team of medical experts were still conducting preliminary investigations at both the hotel and the hospital.

"Bob was a larger than life person and was deeply disappointed by the team's performance. He was a diabetic and also had other medical conditions. All that would be taken into account in the autopsy," the official said.

He said there was a pall of gloom in the Pakistan camp after Woolmer's death.

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